Every institution tells Black people that they are not good enough. The education system, the judicial system, and corporate America are all responsible for the systemic racism that fosters disenfranchisement in Black communities, for those same disenfranchised Black folks to make it to an accelerator program, a pitch or to raise venture capital is, in fact, amazing. Not only is it amazing, but it is the epitome of entrepreneurial gumption.

Black entrepreneurship is important because Black people who have decided to dream big should not be subject to racism and bigotry for pursuing those dreams, simply because people are uncomfortable with great ideas covered in Black skin. In this country being a Black innovator is the hardest job, because those who make it don’t only represent themselves, they represent the culture.

Black entrepreneurs should be your co-founders, you should be their mentors and you should invest in their ideas because they walked through fire and hell to get to you and they show up standing tall, confident and ready to change the world.

Entrepreneurs make decisions about the future of this country and abroad, Innovation and diversity of thought are imperative to solving the world’s next “big” problem. Black founders have to be a part of that equation, because it takes EVERYbody to make a change, to move the needle forward, and to gain universal perspective.

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